12 Amazing DIY Nail Art Designs Using Scotch Tape

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If you’ve ever wondered how girls get perfectly geometric nail art, the execution probably involved something as simple as cut-up Scotch tape. These simple visual tutorials show you how to make some striking designs without a trip to the salon.

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1. Tiny Stripes

Tiny Stripes
Source: instagr.am

2. Sunburst Nails

Sunburst Nails

3. A Simple Diagonal

A Simple Diagonal

4. Gingham/Plaid Nails

Gingham/Plaid Nails

5. Scalloped Nails, Using Shearing Scissors

Scalloped Nails, Using Shearing Scissors

Click here for the full tutorial.

6. DIY Nail Stickers

DIY Nail Stickers

Click here for the full tutorial.

7. Zig-Zag Nails

Zig-Zag Nails

Click here for the full tutorial.

Source: byaranka.nl

8. The Chevron

The Chevron
Source: sheknows.com

9. Op Art Nails

Op Art Nails

10. Checkered Nails

Checkered Nails

Click here for the full tutorial.

11. One Spangled Nail

One Spangled Nail

Click here for the full tutorial.

12. Geometric Nails

Geometric Nails

This one’s complicated, so you’ll definitely want to see the full nail tutorial here.