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2 Tricks For Removing Glitter Nails Polish

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2 Tricks For Removing Glitter Nails Polish


After a beautiful manicure with glitter involved I was ready to get a new color on my pretty nails. I got the cotton balls and polish remover and thought it was a piece of cake to get rid of the glitter…and I was soooo wrong. My accent nail was triple cover of shimmer pretty glitter polish and I didn’t have enough time to get rid of it, it was chaos. Until I stumble upon this 2 Tricks For Removing Glitter Nails Polish from Beautylish. Seriously, I was loosing it and said I will never never ever use glitter polish but now I know what to do to remove the pretty shimmery polish. Take a look.

2 Tricks For Removing Glitter Nails Polish

Glitter Removal Method 1: Let It Soak

You Will Need:

• cotton pads
• acetone
• cuticle oil


Steps to remove glitter nail polish

1: With a cotton pad soaked in acetone, press firmly on the nail bed for at least 30 seconds.

2: Then wipe thoroughly. If you don’t get all of the polish off, repeat. Be patient! It takes a little effort to remove glitter.

3: Use a new cotton pad for each nail and repeat steps 1 and 2.

4: Wash hands immediately and apply cuticle oil to the nail beds ASAP!