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America’s Best Cheap Beer – The Final Four

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Two weeks ago the TLI staff chose 16 American classics to determine who would be crowned Champion of America’s Best Cheap Beer.  Did you miss the initial tournament pairings and expert analysis?  If so, please head over to for the run down. Without further delay…

The Final Four of America’s Best Cheap Beers

The field is now down to our Final Four after a few weeks of cold beverage enjoyment.  The competition has been more than intense, but here’s how we got from the Elite Eight to the Semi-Finals.

One old schooler marches on in the Throwbacks Division

Throwback 3

Schlitz vs Old Milwaukee Light – This match-up paired 2 great classics that at one time were both brewed in the same Winston-Salem, NC plant.  Schlitz was the favorite heading in, however Old Milwaukee’s smoothness along with its affordable price brought the blue & white to the top and thus our winner amongst the old schoolers.  Congratulations to the beer that “Taste as Great as Its Name”!

Heavy(er) hitter prevails in the Light Division

Light 3

Miller Lite vs Milwaukee’s Best Light – While both of these Miller brews are born from the same camp, the more popular Miller Lite took this battle…although it was a lot closer than many would assume.  Unfortunately for “Beast” Light, there is only room for one Milwaukee in the next round and that belongs to the original Old (School) Milwaukee Light.  Miller Lite with its new retro design rolls on to face perhaps it’s toughest competition.

Pass the Tums®, a champion (re)crowned in the Heavyweight Division

Heavy Weights 3

Busch vs Budweiser – Similar to the two previous brackets, this division also paired up in house rivals.  While Busch was slightly cheaper, the “King of Beers” once again lived up to its name.  Perhaps Bud won simply due to decades of clever marketing, as whether at the grocery store or the arena, it’s hard not to think about Clydesdales and the Red Bow-Tie when looking to quench your thirst with an affordable American classic.  All hail the king!

Coors cousin surprises all in the Featherweight Division

Feather 3

Michelob Ultra vs Keystone Light – Keystone was a heavy underdog in this match-up, but yet they pulled the upset.  While Michelob Ultra has a great taste, especially during the warm spring days, the price point of a case of “Stones” was just too much to overlook.  This “Silver Bullet” by a different name may not had been such an underdog after all given its Coors heritage.  The “Stones” roll on!

How have we done up to this point?  Is your beer bracket now busted?  At least your wallet won’t be.

We’d love for you to comment below, as comments will be considered as we name those that move on to the Final Championship Game.  Now grab yet another cold one (…or two…or three…) and let the games continue!

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Disclaimer: Please note that the opinions, and the beer logos within the tournament bracket, are for entertainment purposes only.  Each beer has its full history that can be found at their independent websites, and we ask that you visit those sites for their in depth perspectives.