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America’s Best Cheap Beers – The Elite 8

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The Elite Eight of America’s Best Cheap Beers

Last week the TLI staff chose 16 American classics to determine who would be crowned Champion of America’s Best Cheap Beer. Did you miss the announcement of our own March madness brew bracket? If so, please head here for the initial run down.

The field has now been narrowed down to 8 given thorough in-depth analysis and plentiful taste trials. The competition was intense, but here’s how the matches played out within their respective divisions.

The old schoolers in the Throwback Division…

Throwback 2

Schlitz vs Pabst Blue Ribbon – This match-up was not nearly as close as some may have thought and the winner may surprise you. The clear winner moving on to the next round is Schlitz. With the price of each in the same range, the smooth & bold taste of Schlitz quickly put this contest to rest over PBR (…that had a flavor our staff simply couldn’t stomach).

Miller High Life vs Old Milwaukee Light – The sleeper of the tournament in Old Milwaukee Light knocked off an iconic giant, “The Champagne of Beers” with its easy drinking. The High Life left many feeling full, but OM left us wanting more. The price is also hard to beat at an affordable $12 a case.

Still counting calories in the Light Division…

Light 2

Miller Lite vs Bud Light – The showdown everyone wanted to see, each brought a strong fan base and following, the winner at the buzzer was Miller Lite. This game was neck-n-neck (literally one long neck after another), but the retro design and great pilsner characteristics helped Miller pull out the last second victory.

Milwaukee’s Best Light vs Natural Light – Another underdog moves forward in the tournament with a monumental upset by Milwaukee’s Best Light. Similar to Old Milwaukee in the Throwback division, a price point of 50 cents per cold frosty is tough to pass-up. Natty started out well, but the “beast” hung around for a solid victory.

Nothing but full flavor in the Heavyweight Division…

Heavy Weights 2

Icehouse vs Busch – Sometime rounds in the tournament are won because the other team couldn’t finish the game . Not taking anything away from Busch, but a game that appeared to be Icehouse’s to win was simply squandered away. The higher alcohol content of Icehouse, while bringing more bang for the buck, unfortunately put everything on the table too early and it was unable to compete later on. Busch survives this round only to face its in house rival the “King”.

Budweiser vs Coors – There was not enough cold mountain water from the Rocky’s to propel Coors past the mighty red bow-tie. When it comes to full flavor macro heavy weights, Budweiser may have an easy road to the Final Four.

And for the fitness minded, the Featherweight Division…

Feather 2

Miller 64 vs Michelob Ultra – A few years ago our staff was excited when Miller 64 hit the market, and they were selected for this year’s Sweet Sixteen. However this beverage lacks more than just calories, as the alcohol and flavor are almost non-existent. Michelob Ultra won by a blow-out in this match-up, with the new comer being too light to carry it to the next round.

Keystone Light vs Bud Select 55 – The “Stones” win! The “Stones” win! The flavor, which is so close to Coors Light we’re not sure if there’s really a difference, was hands down better than Bud Select 55. Like Miller 64 in the earlier game, so few calories (in this case 55), meant limited content…this really wasn’t much of a contest out of the gate.

How did we do? What are your thoughts? We’d love for you to comment below, as comments will be considered as we name those that move on to the Final Four within the Cheap Beer Tourney. Now grab another cold one and let the games continue!

Disclaimer: Please note that the opinions, and the beer logos within the tournament bracket, are for entertainment purposes only. Each beer has its full history that can be found at their independent websites, and we ask that you visit those sites for their in-depth perspectives.

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