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America’s Best Cheap Beers – 2015 Champion

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A month ago the TLI© staff started with 16 American classics to determine who would be crowned Champion of America’s Best Cheap Beer.  Did you miss the initial tournament pairings and our in-house analysis?  If so, please head over to for the full run down.

America’s Best Cheap Beers – 2015 Champion Crowned

Over the past few weeks we watched the Duke Blue Devils capture another NCAA® Championship while representing college’s most elite basketball conference, the ACC®.  We also made many trips to the refrigerator during the big dance and now the true champion of America’s Best Cheap Beer has arrived.

Here’s how the semifinals played out…

Championship Bracket

Miller Lite vs Old Milwaukee Light – This was tougher than we thought, but in the end the fact that Old Milwaukee Light may not be carried at your local convenience store gave this round to Miller Lite.  While OML is slightly cheaper, the savings may not be there if you have to drive across town, or to another county, just to pick up this tasty classic.  We all liked OML here at TLI©, but the ease of finding Miller Lite at any corner store sent them to the championship round.

Budweiser vs Keystone Light – The “King” rolled with ease over Coors’ cousin Keystone Light.  Budweiser’s overall quality and flavor left the underdog “Stones” with little chance to make it to the championship round.  While we at TLI© tried giving Keystone a fighting chance, once again the victor of this match-up was due to its mass distribution and availability at any retailer or neighborhood watering hole.

Despite their legacies, only one could be crowned champion…


Miller Lite vs Budweiser – No surprise that these two juggernauts reached the finals, and this one simply came down to taste and smoothness.  The slogan of this year’s champion says it all…”Great Taste – Less Filling”…Miller Lite prevails!  While both beverages are readily available and have similar price points, the ease in which a cold Lite can be consumed made the blue & white our champion over the self-proclaimed “King” in red.

How did we do?  Do you agree with our choice for champion?  Did your best cheap beers bracket match ours?  At the end of the day it was fun to watch the ACC® win another NCAA® title while enjoying a few cold ones along the way.

Disclaimer: Please note that the opinions, and the beer logos within the tournament bracket, are for entertainment purposes only.  Each beer has its full history that can be found at their independent websites, and we ask that you visit those sites for their in-depth perspectives.