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Boo Boo Monsters

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If you love games like Pou and Talking Tom, than you’re going to LOVE Boo Boo Monsters. Boo Boo Monsters allows you to grow your little monster from a bubbling blob to a full grown adult monster. You’re able to dress, feed, play and decorate your monsters surrounds. Make sure to keep you monster happy or he will get cranky and fussy! Also, this game is completely FREE to play!

According to the developers of this game, this is only the alpha phase of Boo Boo Monsters and from their website they state:

Our mission at Boo Boo Company is to create an interactive method to encourage learning at an accelerated pace for children. Boo Boo Monster provides a mobile platform to immerse children of all ages in a fun world of art, languages, history, math, music, programming, and science using games and missions that will encourage and enhance a child’s learning skills. What’s more, the mobile platform allows parents to monitor and track their child’s progress. Simultaneously, the Boo Boo Monster grows as the child learns. as their child will be able to tell that their monster changes just like them.

Using mobile platforms, each child has a digital rambunctious Boo Boo Monster of their own to help with learning adventures and give moral support. Upon completion of each mission, coins are earned that can be used to purchase awesome accessories for the Boo Boo Monster or parents can set a reward scale allowing them to reward their child as they see fit. The fun of learning isn’t just within the mobile application, but Boo Boo Company plans to create an interactive robot for each mobile game.

With this added extension, children will learn how to program, play music, learn how to have a conversation in a foreign language, read along with a various selection of books and a slew of other brain building activities from their own Boo Boo Bot.