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Women Hunters and Camouflage Fashion

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Hip Hunters in Cool Camouflage

Hunting is not just an activity associated with rural America these days, but women hunters and camouflage fashion have gone mainstream as hunting has been re-branded as an adventure sport. More female consumers will be climbing tree stands this fall and will be looking a lot better than the guys while doing so. Whether pulling back a bow, or firing a long gun, the hipster huntress “ain’t scared” to get dirty…but still wants to look good when taking the shot.

under-armour-hunting-camoUnder Armour offers great outdoor products for ladies.

deer-hunting-camo-fashionDon’t forget safety! Remington’s new blaze orange cap.


Camouflage sight & smell with ScentBlocker’s latest apparel. 

What is your favorite camouflage apparel company? Do you prefer one store / brand over another? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below, and good luck on this season’s outdoor adventures!