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Canvas Chevron DIY

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This is one of my favorites crafts! Easy,fun and what I love the most there is many many many ways to customize it and make it your style. Maybe  adding more colors,decals or silhouettes. Just have fun and let your creativity fly!!! I will be adding some decals soon!!

You need:

  • painters tape 
  • White canvas (any size)
  • at least one soft-bristle brush or sponge (the sponge would work better in case the paint bleeds through)
  • push pins
  • an amazing color (or 3) :) *(White paint,  just in case you need to fix the line if  the paint bleeds through the tape)
  • Pattern get it here chevron pattern thanks to


  1. Place a strip of painters tape on the canvas. Print out your pattern (enough to cover the width of the surface you’re painting on).
  2. Tape the patterns printed together to make one big stencil.
  3. This will help and guide for your zig-zags. Eyeballing technique is  the key!
  4.  Using push pins, mark each point of the stencil. Push and pierce the surface you are painting without leaving huge marks.
  5. If you have too much room left when you reach the bottom, add some smaller angles to fill out the space.
  6. Make sure to press on the tape to prevent it from coming out or the paint bleeding through.
  7. In case some paint did bleed to the canvas take a brush with some white paint and go over the rough edges.
  8. Let it dry for 30 minutes. I know, I couldn’t wait either I wanted to take the tape off!