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DIY Burlap Banner – No Sewing!

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 Getting ready for baby is a very sweet and emotional time for both parents. Decorating the nursery is a great way to get into the ‘baby spirit’ with your partner, and have a little fun. You’ll want a space that’s comfortable and cozy for the whole family. Adding personalized and handmade touches are great ways to accomplish that! We’ve found an easy tutorial for making a No Sew Burlap Banner. These DIY Burlap Banners are great pieces you can use to decorate a nursery, as a photo prop or as party decorations.

If you are all thumbs then this no sew project is right up your alley.

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DIY Burlap Banner – No Sewing!

 photo IMG_5484_zps80c64834.jpg

You will need:

-Twine or Ribbon (like this one)
-Burlap or Fabric of your choice
-Letter Stencils (go to any craft store or order on AMAZON)
-Acrylic Paint
-Sponge brush
-Glue gun
-A triangle shape to use as guide *optional

  photo IMG_5162_zps1ba4ffa6.jpg

Take a piece of thick paper and draw the shape you would like your pennant to be – triangle, square, rectangle… you name it. Fold your fabric in half lengthwise. Lay this shape along the edge with the fold. When you cut along the edges you will have two shapes attached at the top. Don’t cut the fold. Cut as many pennants as you need to spell your baby’s name.

 photo IMG_5167_zpsa67c1465.jpg

Lay the flaps open and run your piece of twine down the middle. Make sure to space each shape evenly. Now take your glue gun and run a bead of glue along the twine and down the sides, folding over the burlap and pressing lightly.

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