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DIY Decorative Paper Cups Garland Lights

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OMG! This is a great, chic and cute reusable DIY!

DIY Decorative Paper Cups Garland Light

You can use it for showers, nursery decor, wedding rehearsals, birthdays, dinner parties and more. I just love how easy and cute it looks! This is definitely a “must” for you to try and you can customize with any style of paper for every type of event.

I cannot wait to make this DIY Decorative Paper Cups Garland Lights from Hey Gorg. This will be perfect for Summer nights outside.

What you need:

-a pack of 100 Dixie Cups

-scissors and an X-acto knife

-scrapbook paper in desired colors

-white Christmas lights (LED is best)

-double sided tape

-a pencil

Visit Hey Gorg for more detailed instructions.

** A little trick – Take your X-acto blade and cup the top (lip) ring off and bottom out of one cup. Make a straight slit all the way down one side and use this as a template. Turn the paper curl side down and trace out your pattern. Remember to leave an extra 1/4″ on one of the ends when you cut the paper. That way you won’t have a bare spot on the shade after you cover it.

Photos : Hey Gorg