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DIY Halloween Costumes

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Looking for ideas for this Halloween? Then take a look at this DIY Halloween Costumes!

Halloween costumes can be SUPER expensive and there is nothing more annoying than going to a party and seeing somebody else with the same costume.  PopSugar have put together a couple of costumes for you to get some ideas. Here I share my favorites.

Halloween Costumes

What you need to do: Get a head scarf, sparkly top, long skirt, and a shawl to drape over your shoulders. Wear lots of gold and flashy jewelry. Create a couple of fun fortunes for your friends and family and walk around with a serene, mysterious smile on your face.



What you need to do: Wear a pair of glasses and stick a bandage in the middle to heighten the geek effect. Wear suspenders if you have them, or pull your pants or skirt up high and tuck your shirt into into it. Remember to wear dowdy and very unsexy clothes. Putting pens and a calculator in your shirt pockets helps as well. Carry around several academic books.



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What you need to do: All you need to do is put on white clothes and roll some toilet paper around you. Add some ketchup or red food coloring for a gory effect.

Bath Puff


What you need to do: Buy some tulle from a fabric store, and bunch it up to pin or sew on an outfit. You can choose to wear a tube dress, tank top and shorts, or leggings and t-shirts underneath.

Audrey Hepburn


You can’t go wrong with Audrey Hepburn’s character in the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

What you need to do: Get a little black dress, black gloves, a cigarette holder, a tiny tiara, a pearl necklace, and black heels.

Source: Reddit user camping is intense via Imgur

NYAN Cat Costume


What you need to do: Get a rainbow flag so you can leave a colorful trail, a Pop-Tart-looking top, and some kitty ears.

Need more costume DIY guidance? POPSUGAR Tech has a good breakdown of the Nyan Cat costume.

Cat Scratching Post


What you need to do: Get carpet, wood, cardboard, and baling wire to sew it together.

Source: Reddit user sprinklesthundermuff via Imgur


What you need to do: Get a black umbrella that you can rip apart, a black outfit, and bat ears, which can be made out of felt.