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DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet

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I remember a couple years ago all our friends were so into making friendship bracelets. Back then the cool bracelets where from this weird plastic “cord” and it was so much fun to make them. Now this DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet from WTF is way cooler and much better than our old bracelets.

This will be a great way to bond with kids this summer or even to enjoy your free time with a fun, trendy and relaxing activity.

Honestly WTF shares a step by step tutorial so you can get the exact look.

This can be a perfect gift for bridesmaids!!! 🙂 Take notes summer brides.

 DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet
Photo: Honestly WTF

You’ll need:

-2 colors of embroidery floss


-tape or clipboard

Find Step by Step Tutorial Here