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DIY.. Rag Rug Satchel

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Rag Rug Satchel

I just love colourful rag rugs and recently bought one for our front door.  They just seem to liven up any space and I found them for $2 at our local Kmart.  I was on my way to work one morning last week and I looked down at my rag rug and thought about how much it looked like a hippy style satchel I used to love as a teenager.  So when Sarah and I were dreaming up ideas for this weekend’s DIY, I couldn’t go past, the super simple rag rug satchel.  You don’t even need a sewing machine and it’s great to make for a girly crafternoon.  Here’s how we made ours..
What you’ll need: A rag rug (about the size of a bath mat), a belt (either woven or with a pattern that has lots of holes so you can sew easily though it), embroidery thread in a matching colour, a strong, sharp needle and a pair of scissors. Note: We made a bag each so we doubled our supplies.
1. Cut off tassels (ensure you cut ABOVE the knot so the bag does not unravel) Feel free to leave the tassels on for a more boho look.
2.  Fold the rug onto thirds so you create a envelope shape with an opening and overlapping flap. Cut the embroidery thread four times the length of the area you are sewing and double it over for extra strength.
To make the Satchel..
3. Sew a blanket stitch (for more instructions on blanket stitching pop overhere) down the side of the rug (from the opening you made to the bottom) to create the bag.  Start at the top of the opening, through the first piece of fabric to hold the knot in place.  Then work your way down in between the rows of fabric (the thread should easily pull through the gaps). When you get to the bottom of the bag, tie off the thread on the inside so the knot doesn’t show. Repeat down the other side of the rug.
4.   If you have cut off the tassels from the front flap, you may want to turn the knots under and sew a  straight stitch across the front to create an even finish.  Don’t worry too much about the neatness of your stitches as they disappear into the fabric.
Now add the Strap..

5. Cut the buckle and any tags off the belt and place the belt about two inches down the seam what you sewed to make the bag.
6. Using the embroidery thread, again doubled over for extra strength, sew around along the sides and around the bottom of the belt to hold it in place.  Knot off tightly and repeat on the other side to create the strap.
Cut off any extra bits of thread and you are done. Ta Da!  Now you have a super cute Boho style satchel bag, perfect for all your adventures.  If you intend on carrying small items like pens, I would suggest lining your satchel with a vintage pillow case or calico bag to ensure nothing falls out between the stitches.
I decided on a rug in lots fun bright colours for my bag and I chose one with some lovely soft tones for Sarah to match her floral brogues.  As each rug is slightly different in colour and texture your satchel is sure to be one of a kind and perfect for craft projects, thrifting adventures or a trip to the library.