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DIY Zipper Bracelet

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We’ve found a cute DIY Zipper Bracelet tutorial that takes only minutes to complete!


We are starting to see more designers use zippers as accessories. So we thought it only right to offer a DIY option to you lovely ladies. For the price of a long zipper and an ‘S’ jewelry hook you’ll have a sweet little bracelet to add to the mix. Tutorial pics via Instructables.

Here’s what you need:

– 3 zipper strands (only one side of the zipper)

– Thread that matches the fabric color

– sewing needle

– ‘S’ jewelry hook and receiving ring (like the one below)

Getting Started


Fan the zipper strands out, touching at the top. Turn one of the outer strands so that the teeth face the opposite direction. Place a few stitches at the top to secure the strand together. Go ahead and sew the S hook receiving ring onto the bracelet as well.


Braid the strands loosely together. Once you have enough length to go around your wrist, trim off the excess.

Now secure the end of the braid with a few stitches. Add the S hook.

And Voila! Super cute bracelet in just a few minutes. Here are a few more pics of DIY Zipper Bracelets to get you motivated.


Capture Capture

Pics Via, Inhabitat, Nikkiyourison,