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Fly to Aruba and Experience the Glamorous Side of Casinos

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Not so long ago, if you wanted to play casino games, you’d have to be able to travel to a casino to play. However, now that there are so many online casinos, the need to travel to play casino games simply isn’t there anymore. People can play games online whenever they feel like it, and you can login and play for just a few minutes or settle down for a whole evening’s gaming if you have the time to do so.

Many people enjoy getting their daily dose of online slots with bgo mobile, so that journeys to and from work fly by as you’ve got something interesting to entertain you. But the fact that we can play online casino games doesn’t detract from the idea of taking a casino destination holiday now and then. In fact, enjoying casino games online puts you in the mood to go and try out the real thing – and why not combine it with a vacation?

There are still plenty of casino gaming locations around the world today, but some destinations stand out for their opulence and decadence.

Take Aruba in the Caribbean, for example. Aruba is an island that is crammed with different casino options, and it’s also where Caribbean Stud Poker was invented. You’ll find most of the casinos are on Palm Beach, but there are others on Eagle Beach and in downtown Oranjestad.


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Most of the casinos in Aruba open at 11am for slots and 1pm for table games, though a few are open around the clock. The currency used is the US dollar.

Two of the casinos that stand out in Aruba are the Stellaris Casino at the Aruba Marriot and the Crystal Casino at the Renaissance Aruba Resort.

If you go to the Stellaris Casino and stay at the Marriot, you won’t have to leave the hotel complex during your stay if you don’t want to. There’s the beautiful white sand of Palm Beach to lounge on, with beautiful calm blue waters lapping its shores. There are seven restaurants on the site, a free form pool and a health and beauty spa where you can have all kinds of different treatments. Every bedroom has a large private balcony where you can sip your sundowners. Then, of course, there is a multitude of gaming opportunities at the Stellaris.

Image by roger4336

Image by roger4336

At the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino, home of the Crystal Casino, you get the best of both worlds as the private island resort is divided into two sections. There’s a family friendly area in the Ocean Suites, and if you’re travelling without children there’s the Marina Hotel for adults only. Free water taxis ferry hotel visitors back and forth from the island every 15 minutes. The Renaissance is ideally located to get into downtown Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba, where you can enjoy some shopping if you have the time. The Crystal Casino is open 24/7, so you can play all night if you want to!

A casino holiday can be a lot of fun, but when it’s all over and you’re back to the daily routine, the good news is that you can always carry on gaming online!