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Foods to Avoid Eating On a Date

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Choosing the wrong meal for a first date can mess up your chances of getting a second. Your date shouldn’t have to fight a taco for your undivided attention, much less risk an allergic reaction from a kiss; so what can you do? Here are some crucial rules to follow when engaging in a first meal.

First Things First: Count Your Courses

There’s nothing more awkward than watching someone eat while you’re trying to hold a conversation. Make sure this doesn’t happen by ordering the same number of courses. If you’re going to order an appetizer, share it. If you’re thinking of ordering a soup and salad, make sure your date is, too.


You may be craving lobster, here is why you shouldn’t. Not only is it one of the messiest foods you can order; if you can’t crack that sucker open, you’ll end up looking like a sissy. You’re likely to gross your date out by reeking of fish meat and hot butter. Maybe save this meal for when you’re not trying to make a good first impression. Other seafoods to avoid include oysters (slurp, slurp) and fried fish.

Hot Wings

Not even! Hot wings are impossible to eat without getting sauce all over your fingers and face. Good luck impressing your date as she tries to talk over the sound of you licking your fingertips. There’s a difference between party food and dinner date food and hot wings are definitely a party food. According to Liz Kennedy, first date food expert, anything that requires a wet nap is a bad call.


Tacos are delicious, but no matter how great the Mahi Mahi tacos with the ginger-lime dressing sauce sound, you’ll likely end up dating them instead of her. You’ll be so busy focusing on keeping your tacos from falling apart that you won’t realize your date is falling apart, too. She’ll probably be safe in assuming you won’t pay attention to her if any kind of distraction is directly in front of you.

Corn on the Cob

Corn seems to find a way to lodge itself in every crevice imaginable; in between your teeth or in the back of your throat, there’s no end in sight. You’ll look like an ill-mannered idiot if you try to dislodge the corn with your finger and you’ll look like a fool for smiling with visible corn in your mouth. This is a lose-lose situation. You should also avoid watermelon, says expert foodie Matt Smith.


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While spaghetti may seem like a romantic option you and your date are not starring in Lady and the Tramp and neither of you are of the canine variety. There’s nothing more disgusting than watching and hearing someone slurp up messy noodles as they lean awkwardly over a bowl while you’re trying to have a conversation.


Pepper, garlic, onion, wasabi and other spices will give you pungent dragon breath. Don’t scare your date away by having to use your napkin as a sweat rag. Avoid eating spicy foods and spices in general and you’re more likely to make a good impression.

Last and most importantly…

It’s a great and very considerate move to ask your date if they’re allergic to anything before you order. This way if you want to kiss them, you won’t have to drive them to the hospital afterwards.

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