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Game Day Essentials

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Game Day Essentials

A successful tailgate party is just as much about hanging out with friends and fellow fans – as it is about going to the game itself. To get the most out of your pregame experience, don’t forget these important Game Day Essentials.

Tailgating Equipment

Being outdoors with other sports fanatics sometimes means braving the elements, so prepare accordingly. In addition to pop-up tents and folding chairs, be sure to pack sunscreen, bug spray, rain gear, trash bags, first-aid kit and perhaps even a portable propane heater if the temps are on the cool side that weekend. Review the tailgating checklist from American Lifestyle before you leave the house to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything crucial.

Food and Beverages

No tailgate party is complete without sufficient snacks and cold beverages. Whether you provide a full-on BBQ meal or just chips & dip – bring enough to feed your entire crew with leftovers to spare for the postgame as suggested by HGTV. Hamburgers, hot dogs and “Roasted Rival Ram Ribs” over the fire are always crowd pleasers…and don’t forget the cooler full of your favorite game day beer or soda.

Additional Tip: Keep frozen water bottles in the cooler along with traditional ice. They’ll help cool down your items during transit and can also keep your crew hydrated once the water thaws out.


Lawn games are a great way to stay active before your team hits the field. Throwing a football can help pass the time, or you can go for something more competitive such as Corn Hole or Ladder Toss. You may even want to set up the table and solo cups for a little pregame Beer Pong.

Have Fun!

In the end, tailgating is about having fun with your friends, family and fellow football fans. Your rivals however….well let’s just say that they’re not invited to the party….not that they would know how to party anyway. LOL! GTHC!

Still need more ideas? Check out this article by Southern Living on other tailgating essentials for additional insight.

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