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Get Toned Arms For Your Wedding

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The first thing you notice when you try a wedding dress on are your arms, all the attention will be on them. Even if you will be wearing a cover up jacket you will be showing some some, so why not to have everything tone up and ready for those pictures. If you are looking for a workout to tone up those bride arms here are a couple get toned arms for your wedding exercices you should give a try.

Up In Arms

Brides magazine shares this six easy steps to get those arms toned, check them out!


Military Press

  1. Stand straight, chin up, knees slightly bent. Hold a weight in each hand in line with your ears, at shoulder height.
  2. Press weights toward ceiling, extending arms overhead without locking elbows. Lower weights to starting position. Fitness note: For maximum energy, exhale through your mouth when you lift a weight; inhale as you lower it to the starting position.


Bicep Curls

  1. Stand straight, with shoulders back. Hold a weight in each hand with arms extended down by sides. Palms should face forward.
  2. Bring weights up until they’re parallel with shoulders (keep shoulders down). Lower weights to starting position.
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Toned Arms for your Wedding Day

June Bug Weddings shares an amazing workout routine for different dress styles so you can target exactly what you need to, isn’t this great? For example:

Strapless wedding dress from Alvina Valenta
Image from Alvina Valenta

Strapless dress?  You need to do this:

Arm toning exercises for brides from SassyFit, images by Junebug Weddings
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Bride Exercise Tips For the Arms

Michelle Marie Fit shares this great exercises and tips for you to get those arms ready. You can get all the info here and get her book!!!!

Via Michelle Marie Fit