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Gifts for Him

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What Does He Want?

It’s that time of year again and what do you get the guy that says “Don’t worry about it…I don’t need anything”? Well we’ve searched the web high and low to find the perfect gifts for him this Christmas season, and here they are…


For the guy who loves to hunt or simply enjoys the outdoors, an inexpensive crossbow is a great idea. This quiet bow could even be used to shoot at targets in your backyard without disturbing, nor alarming, the neighbors.

jordansClassic Kicks

One thing that most guys like is a nice pair of shoes, and traditional / classic sneakers are making a comeback. Whether you find a pair of new “old stock” or a nice pair of used Air Jordans from your local thrift store…these are sure to be a hit.

polo-shirtPerformance Polo

Admit it ladies, some of our guys don’t dress up as much as we would like…preferring to wear instead that vintage concert shirt that should’ve been retired years ago. None the less, why not get him a high performance polo shirt. Even the highest quality apparel can be found on sale at a reasonable price during the holiday season.

race-suitRare Sports Collectible

Perhaps he collected baseball cards as a kid and is looking for that one card to complete his set? Or maybe something a little larger to decorate the man cave – like a genuine NASCAR fire suit? There is an item in this category to fit any budget…and what guy doesn’t like sports?

wolfpack-shirtCollege Tee

As stated earlier, a lot of guys would rather hang around in a t-shirt over a collar shirt. With college bowl games at the end of the month, and basketball season moving into full swing, nothing’s better than a college tee in their favorite color. These too are affordable and perhaps you can convince them to at least throw away one of their rotten shirts in exchange for the new one. 🙂

Interested in any of these items? If so, we recommend the TLI Outlet store at eBay and Amazon for these great gift ideas and more.

Do you have a gift suggestion to add to the discussion? We’d love to hear from you! Please comment below…