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Holiday Hostess Gadgets

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Holiday Hostess Gadgets That Rock

Parties. Cocktails. Black dresses and high heels. These are a few of everyone’s favorite things. Sometimes, though, hosting a party of your own is a little stressful. Preparing the best food, planning entertainment, and making sure no one gets stuck sitting next to your creepy cousin, Eddie, for too long is a big job. Stop being a harried hostess, and become a helluva hostess with these gadgets!

The Cork Catcher

Screwpull Metal Champagne Cork Catcher

Buy it at Wayfair

There’s nothing worse than seeing the clock roll over from 11:59 to midnight on New Year’s Eve and not being able to get the champagne open. This cork catcher literally takes all the pressure off! Use it to uncork wine, champagne, and sparkling juices.

Bonus piece of random knowledge: Did you know that, on average, 24 people die every year due to champagne cork accidents? The life you save may be your friend’s…just sayin’.

Wine Tags – Low Tech But a Must

snip Chalkboard Wine Glass Charms - Chalk Pencil Included

Wine tags from Wine Enthusiast, 4UGiftsOnline, and OpenSky

I’m always losing my drinks at parties, and not because I’m drinking too much, either (though I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking). Everyone’s glasses always look the same, and if you write on a red Solo cup with a Sharpie, you just end up with offensive whiffs of permanent marker all night.  Buy some drink markers or wine tags for your glasses, and your guests will thank you! Because, we can all agree that the worst surprise at a party (other than cousin Eddie’s presence) is picking up your Jack and Coke only to take a sip and find out it’s someone else’s Jack and Diet Coke.

Ice Molds – Ice Balls and Shot Glasses

Prepara 10 Ct. Ice Ball Moldsnip

Ice Ball Mold via Target

Ice shot glasses via BedBathandBeyond

Ice ball molds are a great way to show the liquor drinkers at your party that you care, plus they are pretty snazzy. These are great for ‘on the rocks’ drinks because they melt slower and preserve the taste of the drink longer. You can also add mint leaves, juices, or liquors to the ice mold for a twist.

These ice shot glasses are the coolest! The product description says you can also fill and freeze them with juice, soda, or chocolate. I remember being a kid and feeling left out at holiday parties, so make sure you freeze some fruit juice shot glasses for the kids who are attending your get-together. I’m thinking freeze chocolate in the mold and fill with a Chocolate Cake Shot…


Lemon Wedge sprinkled with Sugar

1 part Vodka

1 part Frangelico (it’s a chocolate flavored liquor)

Lick the sugar off of the lemon and take the shot. Then bite and suck the lemon and it tastes JUST like chocolate cake. Yummy!

Also, I just realized everything I’ve mentioned so far is related to drinking. My bad. I’ll try do better.

Fondue – Nothing More To Say


Find it at Amazon

If fondue is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. This Lazy Susan Fondue Maker is pretty affordable which makes it a great Holiday Hostess Gadget. I can only imagine how much of a glutton I’d become if I encountered one of these at a party. Especially if there was one solely devoted to cheese and one solely devoted to chocolate. Sigh.

Socialmatic – Share Your Party With Everyone

Order it from Polaroid

This Socialmatic combines the instant printing capabilities we love about Polaroid with the ability to instantly share. If you’re looking for a way to ensure your guests have fun and document long-lasting memories, instant pictures are the way to go. The Socialmatic isn’t out yet, but it’s projected to be released by the end of the year or the beginning of 2015.

Featured Pic via SheKnows