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How to Buy Clothes on a Budget

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How to Buy Clothes on A Budget

The holiday season is over and all of the gift buying has left us in a bit of a financial slump. Clothing stores are starting to stock clothes that are on trend for spring/summer 2015 but sadly, hardly anyone has enough money to go on a lavish spending spree. But there are budget buys to be had that can make you look and feel great over the cold winter months.

Here are some tips so you can spend a little but purchase a lot.


DIY clothing can be cute and fun, plus you can make a garment that is completely unique. Alter an old knit, customise a skirt, or if you are good with a sewing machine, buy some fabric and use a dress pattern to create something new. Search websites like Pinterest to find ideas and tutorials to bring old clothes back to life.

Buy Budget Brands

There are plenty of companies out there that offer clothing for a budget price. Buying expensive or designer brands is not the only way to get on-trend items. Many people think that low prices mean bad quality, but that’s not always the case. Try brands like Peacocks for affordable and fashionable season pieces.

Master the Art of the Capsule Wardrobe

Buy key pieces that will take you through more than one season and make sure that you buy pieces that work together. You should be able to build a seasonal wardrobe out of less than 20 items, and by choosing classic styles and accessorising for trends they can last you at least a couple of years before you need to relegate them to the charity bag.

Search eBay

As long as you are willing to put in the time and are savvy with your search terms, eBay is a great place to find a bargain. Bear in mind that most sellers do not allow returns, but if you do buy something that’s unsuitable, you can always resell. There are also postage costs, so keep this in mind when you place a bid. Although if you buy an item that is located in your local area, the seller may allow you to collect it for free.

Tip: check a seller’s feedback before purchase.

Try Clothes Swapping

Also referred to as swishing, clothes swapping involves exchanging your items for someone else’s. You simply bring along your unwanted clothes and anyone who likes them, can take them. Universities often hold events like these for students, or you can sometimes find them in your local community hall. If all else fails, throw your own clothes swapping party and invite friends and family.

Visit Charity Shops

There are often a multitude of amazing finds in charity shops, as long as you have the patience to wade through rails and rails of clothes. You can find cheap branded jeans, going out dresses, designer coats and jackets, or even one-off vintage gems. Try to visit charity shops in more affluent areas as they often provide better finds.

You can still enjoy shopping, even when you have a limited budget. Because we all know, looking fabulous does not have to cost a fortune.