How to Get an Inner Thigh Gap

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How to Get an Inner Thigh Gap

Have you heard about the newest (but old) growing body obsession and trendy topic, the “thigh gap”? What is it exactly? There has been so much buzz about this to a point that now women are looking to have thigh gap surgery. Inner thigh gap is an inch or two between the upper thigh. In another words is when the top of your thighs never touch when you stand with your feet together.

This is how it looks like!

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I find a little disturbing that teenagers had been tweeting about how they are going to starve to achieve the famous inner thigh gap. Hey stop right there, starve?! No No No!

Some famous celebrities with inner thigh gap are Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, and the more curvier Latina Adrienne BailonIs. Let’s not forget about the Victoria’s Secret models. Is no secret that this girls work really hard with a five days a week workout routine to be able to get that hot body (and the inner thigh gaps) and they combine a HEALTHY diet as many other Hollywood celebrities.

But hey, sometimes you have the inner thigh gap if you’re really thin, and other times it’s just purely bone structure and fat distribution or maybe you have to do a targeting workout routine in order to get this. The blog Blogilates shared this fantastic How to Get an Inner Thigh Gap in 4 easy steps. If you want to look fit and want to do it the correct and healthy way then you might want to try this.

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Remember, with no pain there is no gain but please do it the healthy way. Don’t push your body to extremes. Stay fit, eat clean and love yourself a little more everyday. With or without inner thighs gap, a healthy YOU is better than anything.