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How to Make Ice Wreaths

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If you already are getting some snow or if you want to surprised your guests with a cool fun new table or house decoration, ice wreaths is the way to go. Resurrection Fern had the most creative idea, ice wreaths. They not only look fantastic and perfect for the holidays but they are so fun and easy to do. This how to make ice wreaths is easy to follow and you have to admit this will be the perfect addition to your Christmas decor. But hey if you live in the desert like me, this will last a day I will still make them though.

Via Resurection Fern

You need:

  • round pans, bowls or a bunt pan
  • cranberries or other bright cheerful berries
  • ferns or other greens
  • ribbon or fabric strips for tying and water


  1. Fill your chosen containers with water.
  2. Place some greens and berries around the circle.
  3. Place the water filled containers in a cold place to freeze.
  4. Remove them from the containers and then loosen and remove the inner bowls if you used them. Place them outside quickly before they melt.
  5. Tie a ribbon or cloth strip on if you want to hang it on the garden gate or door. Do not place them in direct sunlight. You can store in the freezer.
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