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How To Paint A Chevron Pattern On Your Stairs

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There are so many little things we can to around the house to make a space feel new and renovated. One of those little things are adding some chevron to your stairs yeah, your stairs. If you love this trend then you will love to add some color to those steps.

I’ve seen so many ideas to decorate stairs, this are by far my favorite. One of the things I’ve have seen around the web are adding quotes to each step or paint with a very vibrant color.

This time I want to share a tutorial from Home Depot to get you started on how to get your chevron on! 

chevron stairs

Get inspired with this beautiful stairs from Simple Dwellings and check the tutorial below.



How To Paint A Chevron Pattern On Your Stairs

Here are the supplies that are needed

-Hobby Knife  
-Floor Paint  in two contrasting colors
-Painters Tape for delicate surfaces
-Small Roller
-Paint Brush
-Drop Cloth
-Artist Brush
-Heavy material for stencil