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Victoria’s Secret Lingerie At Work Campaign

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The “Inside – Out” Ad Campaign

The New (Un)Dress Code

Have you seen Victoria’s Secret Lingerie At Work campaign? We all agree that Victoria’s Secret advertisements have always been racy to grab our attention, but their new campaign has many thinking VS crossed the line…while others see the idea to be the latest trend in outside sexy attire. The campaign of “Inside – Out” shows models wearing lingerie in public…but not on the runway, however on the city sidewalks.

Is it OK to wear visible lingerie outside and even perhaps at work as this ad suggest?



“You’re off your rocker Victoria’s Secret,” a commenter wrote in response to the photo above. “Bring back real clothes if you want your product to be seen in public. Otherwise, lingerie is meant for under your clothes or in the bedroom.”

But not everyone is seeing red about seeing more lingerie. Several men chimed into the conversation to celebrate the idea, and some women defended it, too.



“You don’t actually wear it outside like in the picture people,” one woman wrote. “You show off the back or the sides but not the front. Don’t take it too literally!”


Did Victoria’s Secret mean for their Lingerie at Work Campaign to be taken literally… or is it just another commercial gimmick to draw publicity to their products? What are your thoughts? Tasteful or tacky? Please feel free to comment below.

Special thanks to Victoria’s Secret Facebook and Instagram accounts for the above photos.