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How Pinterest Can Ruin A Wedding

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Pinterest Fantasies Meet Reality


We came across a fantastic article that pretty much sums up every failed pinterest inspired event in our lives. So many of us have scoured Pinterest for the perfect wedding reception song list, cutest first look photos, invitation inspiration, wedding decorations… the list goes on and on. The point is, many of us have little time and even less DIY know-how to pull off most of the fantastic ideas we find. And longing after the fabulousness we see on Pinterest can ruin a wedding. Check out the Fashion Spot’s post called “10 Lies Pinterest Tells Us About Weddings”.

We have a total love-hate relationship with Pinterest.

On one hand, it’s an amazing source of inspiration that lures us in every single time with all its pretty wedding pictures, but on the other, it’s a bold-faced liar that makes us believe we can have the wedding of our dreams on a beer budget (uh, yeah right!). So, this one goes out to all those brides who’ve been tricked into thinking that literally anyone can DIY dazzling wedding favors or that the stunning centerpieces they love won’t cost an arm and a leg. We asked wedding insiders to expose the truth about Pinterest’s lies.

Lie #1: Anything Is Possible

Like DIY-ing your entire wedding and having it turn out picture perfect! “Pinterest usually shows the end product and sometimes oversimplified the process involved,” explains Shadiah Sigala, co-founder of HoneyBook. “Often, buying supplies when you aren’t a wholesale buyer or if you don’t have an existing relationship with suppliers can cause costs to add up quickly. Plus, the time involved to craft many DIY projects, from learning to master them to perfectly replicating them for the quantity you need to produce, can equate to a ton of time and labor.”

Lie #2: If It Ain’t on Pinterest, It Ain’t Right

“When brides see something on Pinterest, such as the wording for a sign for example, they somehow think that this is the only way to word it and that deviating from the Pinterest norm would be wrong or bad,” says Florida-based wedding planner Aviva Samuels of Kiss the Planner. Perhaps seeing the same things over and over again has a little something to do with this?

Lie #3: You Can Rent Whatever You Need

Er, not so much! “Most of the rental items you see on Pinterest aren’t actually attainable,” notes Blake Bush, associate wedding planner and event designer at Pure Luxe Bride. “Specialty rentals (e.g., lounge furniture) aren’t as easy to come by as these photos indicate.” And buying them yourself? Well, that would cost a pretty penny!

Lie #4: Creating Your Own Floral Arrangements Is So Easy

Considering following a Pinterest tutorial to create your own fresh floral arrangements, centerpieces or bridal bouquets? Think again, brides! “Fresh flowers need to be refrigerated, and your wedding centerpieces need to be assembled the day before or just a few hours before your event,” warns certified green event designer Veronica Cole. “Who is going to store all these flowers? Who will set them up? But most importantly, who will break them down and take them out of the reception site after an exhausting day of partying?”

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