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Plus Size Sports Illustrated Model Gets Slammed

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Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs, a former Sports Illustrated cover model, slammed her plus size colleague, Ashley Graham, for being ‘unhealthy’. While Graham hasn’t responded to the catty comments, presumably because she is confident in her own skin, we just can’t let it go!


Plus Size Sports Illustrated Model Gets Slammed

Tiegs states that her comments are more out of concern that S.I. is glamorizing women at an unhealthy weight. She goes on to say that a woman’s waist size should be under 35 inches – a waist size commonly referenced as reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Frankly, Cheryl, you haven’t been a relevant part of the modeling world for decades. And women of later generations than yours are tired of nothing but waifish figures being thrown at us from every direction.

While we preach healthy eating, exercise, hard work and fun in equal portions, we also worry about the impact that ‘model skinny’ has on the young women we are raising. We tell them that brains, personality and kindness are the most important parts of a person. Then they see a beautiful model being slammed by another woman because she doesn’t like the model’s waist size?

What happened? When did having breasts, thighs and a butt go out of style? Curves are a beautiful and natural part of a woman’s body. Who are we to say how big (or small) those curves should be? Which one do you think is more beautiful?

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Dear Ashley Graham – thank you for providing a beautiful (and different) example of a woman for my daughter and son to see. Keep redefining media sexy.

Dear Cheryl Tiegs – My 11 year old daughter summed it up best:

“I hope she doesn’t have a daughter. Could you imagine what it would be like to have a mom that constantly pushed you to be skinny?”

Children have a way of being blunt.


***Want to see more pics of Ashley Graham? Check out her Instagram account: theashleygraham