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Tailgating Fashion Trends

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Tailgating Fashion Trends

Football season is just around the corner, and we’ve pulled together the latest Tailgating Fashion Trends to insure you look your best during the pregame festivities. So go through your closet and/or head to your favorite fan apparel store as Game Day is almost here.

Cowboy Boots

Whether with shorts, a skirt or blue jeans…this classic western look continues to be a hit again this fall.

Simple Tee

While some like high fashion and the latest trends, others are just as comfortable in their old school t-shirt that never really goes out of style.

Scarf Wrap

Looking to stay warm or add an easy accent? A wrap in your favorite team’s colors is just the accessory this season.

(H)Altered Top

Looking to show off your new belly ring? This season altered tops are in. Everything from cut-off sleeves to custom halter tops is OK.


FANatic Heels

Not all should attempt this one, as it takes great skill to walk through the game day crowds in these high fashion heels.

Cold Beverage

You are correct…you won’t find this in the closet, but in the cooler. Ever been tailgating and see someone without a beverage? Whether you prefer wine, soda or beer – make sure your cup and/or koozie matches up with your trendy assemble and supports your team colors as well.

No Shirt…No Problem

This last one is for the fellows rather than the females…let’s keep it classy ladies. However for the guys out there, especially if your team just knocked off one of your top ranked rivals, feel free to express yourself.

So what did we miss? What will you be wearing to the game this year? What are your Tailgating Fashion Trends? Feel free to chime in under the comment section below, follow us on Facebook – remember to “Like Us” and most importantly¬†Go PACK!