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Top Spring Fashion Trends

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The cold weather is almost behind us and thus it’s time to start thinking about the Top Spring Fashion Trends for this year. Some items have carried over from last year…while others are new and refreshing.

This year’s popular apparel list includes everything from casual to formal…

One Shoulder DressBare a Shoulder…But Only One

Less is more when it comes to your shoulders, but don’t over do it. A dress with one bare shoulder is the way to go this spring.

woman-hoodieHoodies Are Still Hot

A carry over from last year, however with spring still offering some cool evenings we can’t complain with this one.

Iridescent DressIridescent Shine

Looking for something that will grab the crowds attention at the party? This one sparkles….literally!

Patchwork DressPatchwork – Parts & Pieces

While some believe it looks like your grandma’s quilt, others love this hippie inspired throwback design.

Pink DressPretty in Pink

The classic pastel is back…just in time for Easter season at your favorite beach.

Knit RobeRobes…Not Just for the Guys

While previously associated with gentlemen smoking pipes, the laid-back robe has a whole new look this season.

Pro Gun T-ShirtSlogan Tees to Express Yourself

Sometimes the best way to share what you’re thinking is to simply wear it on a shirt.

Striped DressSimple Stripes

Be careful with this one, as stripes can either be helpful or hurtful depending on the direction. Choose wisely.

What are your thoughts? What do you feel is trending this Spring? We’d love to hear from you…so please feel free to comment below.

Special thanks to Glamour Magazine for supplying the inspiration for the topics shared above.