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UberKITTENS Celebrates National Cat Day

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You know how there is a national day for everything? Well, today is National Cat Day.

Looking to capitalize on publicity (and help raise awareness) Uber has teamed up with shelters in 7 major cities and they are delivering KITTENS! For $30 Uber will pick up a furry bundle of fun and deliver them to you for 15 minutes of snuggles. All proceeds from these feline rentals go back to the animal shelter sponsoring the little cutie pie. Plus, you can also adopt the rental kitty if 15 minutes is just not long enough. Thank goodness they are not delivering to my city!

In honor of Uber’s drive to raise awareness of the homeless kitty population we wanted to provide you pics of some of the cutest little passengers any Uber driver could want. Enjoy!


Pics via Mashable

Pics via HuffPost

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Pics via HLN and Jezebel

And a few bonus cuties… (wink)

Time to go cuddle with my fat, cross-eyed kitty. Snuggles to all!

Featured pic via CutestPaw