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Watch Trends for 2014

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_3C_2CC_2CW-3E_3F-C0Y-SDV_2CS_40X-_27_2CS_3C_27_24W_2CC-O_3BCDT_3CP_60_60_0A_60_0AWatches, like any other accessory, change with the seasons. Except, watches are so much more than fashion accessories. They’re both beautiful and practical; designed to be both seen and heard by the wearer and anyone else who takes an interest. But because watches are so much more complicated than other accessories – rings, for example – this makes it much more difficult to choose just the right one.

Perfectly Practical

If you’re a busy person you should take advantage of the fact that digital readout watches are totally back in style. These styles of watches were first made popular in the 90s, when the technology was still young. Thanks to vintage revival, they’re now very the watch to be seen wearing. But be careful – modern watches have built in safety but vintage watches won’t stand up to the wear and tear of a beach environment.

Ladies Who Lunch

Part of the fun of summer is getting to have lovely lunches outside with friends. If you’re the type of girl who likes to be seen in fashionable hotspots, surrounded by lovely things, then you’ll need a watch to complement this lifestyle. Think pink or pastel metal straps, vintage leather, a touch of gold and delicate roman numerals. A feminine watch will nicely offset this year’s summer trend for sharp tailoring, whilst a chunkier timepiece will contrast nicely with a boho look.

Night on the Town

Summer is all about parties and fun, so naturally you’ll want a watch which reflects your carefree, happy-go-lucky attitude. Modern watches are all about expressing this ethos, so ditch the vintage and go totally high tech with gizmos a plenty, from watches which glow or make noises or tell the time in binary, to the new integrated smart watches which have just hit the shelves.

Can’t Make Up Your Mind?

Of course, if you can’t decide on a watch you could end up being one of those people who has a million different watches – one to match each of their multitudinous outfits and destinations. This is perfectly acceptable in this day and age, as watches are much more affordable than they’ve ever been. But if you want to be totally hip about matching your watch with your outfit, consider choosing a retro swatch watch which comes with detachable straps. Not only are these the perfect on-trend vintage accessory, but they’re fun and funky too.